Car Boot Sale

We have had to postpone car boot sales due to the new building works

(This information will be updated once the Car Boots have started again.)

These popular sales have raised as much as £1000 in the past. After a mix up with dates, we've only just been made aware that the next one is happening this Sunday. As a result, we urgently need the help of as many people as possible to take money at the gate, direct traffic and help in the canteen. These are the time slots:

5.30am - 8.00am

8.00am - 10.00am

10.00am - 12.00 noon 

12.00 noon - 13.30 pm

If you can spare a couple of hours on November 15th, please email me urgently at:   

If you would like to sell at the event, the charges are:

£10 for cars, vans, people carriers or stalls

£16 for cars with trailers

£20 for transit vans

Admission for buyers is £2 before 8am and 50p after 8am