Tiffin Parents’ Association Meetings

The TPA meets every other month in room 66 (at the back of the Uniform shop) in the Head's Garden.

Invitations are emailed out to all Class Reps and any parent can request for an item to be added to the agenda via their Rep. If you do not know who your Class Rep is, please contact Chris Andrews, Class Rep Co-ordinator.


In general, the meeting would cover: Co-Chair's Welcome; previous meeting minutes; Chair's update; Treasurer's update; 200 Club Update; fund-raising event information; parent volunteer engagement; requests from Tiffin School (to provide hospitality, funding, etc); AOB. 


Please contact the Co-Chair for any information and/or when you would like to join the TPA.

TPA Minutes 11 February 2021
TPA Minutes 11 February 2021.pdf
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TPA General Meeting


All Tiffin Parents are warmly invited to attend the Tiffin Parents’ Association Annual General Meeting.



On the agenda:

Committee member nominations/elections

Overview of the past year's events


Fundraising and the new Sports Hall

Friends of Tiffin (TIPRA, FOTM, TSBC)

Informal Q&A with Mr Gascoigne