Welcome to the Community of Tiffin Parents!

Welcome to the Tiffin Parents Association (TPA), a community that automatically includes you upon enrolling your child at Tiffin. We are an inclusive and informal gathering of parents dedicated to serving as a valuable source of information and support for all Tiffin parents while actively contributing to the advancement of education and co-curricular activities for every pupil at Tiffin. 

In light of fiscal challenges, particularly affecting grammar schools, Tiffin School underscores the significance of the Tiffin Education Fund. As part of our commitment, we aim to raise funds through various avenues, including social gatherings, uniform recycling facilitated by the Trading Post, and our online giving program, easyfundraising. We also work closely with the other parents organisations at Tiffin, including joint fundraising activities. 


Should you have an interest in serving as a class representatives, volunteering to help with fundraising events, or becoming a TPA committee member, we encourage you to reach out. Your involvement can be tailored to suit your schedule, and while there is no financial compensation or even a free T-shirt, the intrinsic reward lies in knowledge you have made a meaningful contribution to our shared objectives. We look forward to your involvement in the TPA community. 


Chair of TPA

Ramesh Kurunathan


20th November 2023



These are usually about events, fund raising and school news