Welcome to the Community of Tiffin Parents!

By having a child at Tiffin, you are automatically a member of the Tiffin Parents Association (TPA).  We are an inclusive, informal, relaxed gathering of parents like you and we aim to be a source of information and support for ALL Tiffin parents, as well advance the education of all pupils at Tiffin.  We do that by promoting and enabling a sense of community among parents with a calendar of events and by fund raising.


Spending cuts have had hit grammar schools particularly hard, and the school has emphasized the importance of the Tiffin Education Fund. For our part, we raise funds through social gatherings; by recycling uniforms through the Trading Post; and an online giving programme easyfundraising. 


If you would like to be a class rep, have fundraising ideas, or volunteer in the TPA, please get in touch. You can do this on your own terms with whatever time you can spare. There is no pay, not even a free T-shirt, just the knowledge that you've made a contribution!



Johanna Pursey


31st March 2020



These are usually about events, fund raising and school news