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By having a child at Tiffin, you are automatically a member of the Tiffin Parents Association (TPA).  We are an inclusive, informal, relaxed gathering of parents like you and we aim to be a source of information and support for ALL Tiffin parents, as well advance the education of all pupils at Tiffin.  We do that by promoting and enabling a sense of community among parents with a calendar of events and by fund raising.


Spending cuts have had hit grammar schools particularly hard, and the school has emphasized the importance of the Tiffin Education Fund. For our part, we raise funds through social gatherings; by recycling uniforms through the Trading Post; and an online giving programme easyfundraising. 


If you would like to be a class rep, have fundraising ideas, or volunteer in the TPA, please get in touch. You can do this on your own terms with whatever time you can spare. There is no pay, not even a free T-shirt, just the knowledge that you've made a contribution!



Johanna Pursey


31st March 2020


To all our friends within the Tiffin Community,

Following on from the emotive yet very positive email from Mr Gascoigne last week we (on behalf of all the committees and societies at Tiffin) wanted to echo his sentiments that, “the School, which should be full of the life, noise and fun of our Tiffin students, is eerily quiet....there is a greater good and a greater goal we face as a nation.  We must protect society and defeat the ravages of this virus.”

Of course, as a group of parents committed to fundraising for the benefit and enjoyment value of our boys, the next few months will be challenging times. Events have been postponed (not cancelled), concerts, matches, festivals, races, sales and socials are all on the “back burner” until life resumes some form of normality again (which it will....).

So, we wanted to use this period of self-reflection and a new (if not expected or particularly welcome!) change of pace, to thank you all for everything you have done in the past to support our fundraising efforts (whether for music, rugby, rowing, the Tiffin Parents’ Association or other niche societies we don’t even know about!) and to assure you that we’ll all be back with a renewed enthusiasm and appreciation for everything Tiffin School offers our boys....as soon as it is safe to do so.

A huge thank you too for all of you who give regularly (either monthly or via an annual subscription) to any of our societies - at a time like this, when we are unable to run additional events, that really does make a tremendous difference.

All that remains to be said is stay home, stay safe (stay sane with hungry teenagers in the house 24/7!) and stay connected. There are lots of wonderful music groups online, daily fitness tutorials on social media and many WhatsApp groups pinging constantly amongst family, friends....and committees!
Plans can still be made in a time of isolation.
Why not have a good sort out of old uniform - our second hand / new boys’ blazer sales raise thousands for the school every year. These items may be needed more than ever this year so we hope to hold a sale once we know more about the start of term 20/21 and we are able to coordinate a date with Tiffin.
Who knows, perhaps our best ever fundraiser will be dreamt up during this enforced “down time”? 

We look forward to seeing you all again, supporting our events and giving as generously as you always do in terms of your time and money. 
And let’s give a huge Tiffin shout-out to the wonderful work our teaching staff are doing in terms of online lessons, morale and overall wellbeing of all students. They’re doing an amazing job and we’re all truly grateful. 
With our continued thanks, 





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