Fund raising: it's never been more important

New Build Tiffin 2017
Image of the new building under completion. It incorporates a dining hall, kitchen and 5 class rooms on the 1st floor.

It was a charitable act, by Thomas Tiffin, that gave the school life, and nearly four centuries later, donations are still vital. In a recent newsletter the Head Teacher explained how spending cuts... "are inevitably putting a strain on finances at School and our ability to continue to provide the breadth of curriculum and wider curriculum opportunities".  That's why the Tiffin Education Fund is so important, and why we do our best at the TPA to raise funds. Social events throughout the year contribute to that, as does the Tiffin 200 Club; The Trading Post and matched funding from employers.


*NEW* Sign up at with your current details and set up Tiffin School Parents Association as your recipient and a donation will be made to the TPA with every purchase. You must log on through each time for donations to be made. Thank you for your support!



We also have an online shopping scheme called easyfundraising.

Earn up to a £4 bonus donation for Tiffin. Invite friends using this unqiue referral link and when they raise their first donation, Easyfundraising will give them a £2 donation and as a thank you (to you for inviting a friend) Easyfundraising will give another £2 donation to Tiffin.

It costs you nothing, but simply donates a small percentage of an online sale to the school. There's more information in the link to the left, and a short screen recording below. This explains how to get the donation reminder which allows you to shop normally and just click an 'Activate donation' button on the numerous participating sites.
  Registering is simply a matter of giving a name and email address. There's no cost or annoying "pop-up" ads. If you're already registered but don't have the donation reminder you can use the button below.

Government Funding Review

(copy of email sent to all parents 12 may 2017)

Dear Parent/Guardian,

With so much coverage in the national news recently, you will be aware that many schools are currently facing financial difficulties and that school funding is under review by government.  Whilst we welcome the concept of a National Funding Formula, we do not expect it to make a material difference to our own position.  Our overall state funding is made up from different grants, predominantly based on our pupil numbers.

Over the past few years, our overall grant funding per pupil has steadily decreased as follows:










Overall total funding per pupil








Annual decrease








Total decrease









While absorbing these revenue reductions, significant pension and national insurance increases and general inflationary pressures have in addition greatly increased our costs.

All state-funded schools are facing similar constraints and the response of many schools has been or will be to:


  • reduce staff numbers
  • increase class sizes
  • drop certain subjects
  • cease extra-curricular activities


The governance and oversight of the financial affairs of Tiffin is very strong, as evidenced by a recent and thorough external review by our auditors.  In these difficult times, we have already saved significant amounts of money, whilst minimising the impact on our students.  We will, of course, continue to do all we can to find efficiencies and generate additional income in order to maintain the outstanding education.

Tiffin Education Fund (TEF)

The outstanding Tiffin education comes at a cost, but the grant funding the School receives is increasingly only able to provide our core teaching and learning activities.  The Tiffin Education Fund is a fund held within the Tiffin School Foundation (registered charity number 312997), which has been set up to ensure that voluntary parental contributions benefit every student in some way.

For many years, the generosity of parents contributing regularly to TEF has broadened and enriched the education of all students by providing:


  • sports, music, dance and drama provision
  • a wider curriculum and additional resources eg a WIFI network and experiments in science lessons
  • investment in equipment and minibuses
  • investment towards improving the infrastructure for our students


However, the current and projected funding position over the next few years is such that the education we offer is not necessarily sustainable unless parents subscribe to the Tiffin Education Fund.  Without additional contributions, we will have to consider cutting aspects of our provision.

To those parents who already contribute, I thank you for your existing generosity and ask you if you might consider whether you can contribute a little more.

If you do not yet contribute, I would like you to seriously consider making a much needed contribution.  Of course, I would again like to make it clear these are voluntary contributions, but without your help the School may not be able to continue to offer the wide opportunities that we wish to provide for your son.

Making A Contribution

The suggested contribution is £10 per week, per student.  This amounts to £520 per year.  However, the amount you give is entirely up to you and all donations are appreciated.  Many families already support at a higher level than this and others are contributing what they can.

You can make contributions on a monthly or annual basis, either by cheque, standing order or cash.  Please print, complete and return the TEF donation form, which can be accessed by clicking this link.

Please make your donation achieve even more at no extra cost to you by completing the Gift Aid section of the donation form, if you are able.  This will allow us to increase the value of donations by 25%.  Please note that if you are a higher rate taxpayer, you can claim the additional tax relief due to you on your Self Assessment tax return or by asking HM Revenue and Customs to adjust your tax code.

Every contribution you make to TEF makes a significant difference to our school and its students. With your financial support, we can continue to offer the outstanding Tiffin education and extra-curricular opportunities that we are known for.

Yours sincerely,

M D Gascoigne