Events Calendar

Postponed Race          Night @ the JLT             TPA

5th July          Summer BBQ                               TSBC

12th July        Tiffin in the Garden (with International Food Festival   FOTM/TPA

16th July         Choir concert (parish church)       FOTM

October tbc     Nearly New Uniform Sale             TPA

October tbc      Annual General Meeting              TPA

tbc                    Curry Evening                              TIPRA

tbc                    Race Night @ the JLT                  TPA

11th October    Comedy Night                               TIPRA

1st - 30th November     Crowdfunding Campaign TIPRA

15th or 16th November Formal dinner/dance       TIPRA

December tbc         Christmas Car Parking          TIPRA/FOTM/TSBC/TPA


TPA (Tiffin Parents’ Association)

TSBC (Tiffin School Boat Club)

FOTM (Friends of Tiffin Music)

TIPRA (Tiffin Parents’ Rugby Association)

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If you ever wonder how your child is getting on at the school, his peers can be a good reference point - and it's often other parents who can tell you about them. Informal conversations can do a lot to let you assess attitude to learning and provide extra insights. That's the value of participating in school and TPA events. They foster contacts that can help us guide our children through these important years. At the same time they help to raise much needed funds for the school. These are some of the events we have run in the past in a typical year.


Race night @ the JLT

Postponed due to lack of attendees. We will plan another date with more notice in the new school year.

International Food Event - 12 July 2019

Each year, Tiffin in the Garden is supported by our current year 7 parents. They provide home-made savoury and sweet dishes and donated foods (by local restaurants). A great evening listing to Tiffin pupils’ music performances and having a picnic in the Head's Garden.

Please contact the Event coordinator for further details.


October 2019, further details tbc