Trading Post

We raise over £2,000 a year for the school as well as help parents manage round-year school uniform provision for their boys (including spares and replacements). Trading Post is a great way for you to help the school, save the planet, and snap up a really good school uniform bargain, all in one!


The Trading Post is currently run by a team of five parents, headed by Dawn Dale. All boys can hand in uniform items to the school office during term time. Trading post will then collect, sometimes clean and (in the case of Blazers) mend blazer pockets, worn through cuffs and elbows; as well as dry clean the Blazers. Donated Tiffin uniform and sports kit will be available for sale 3 or 4 times a year. Navy Blazer for years 10 &11.


Please contact Dawn Dale if you would like to join Trading Post.