An outstanding school, with your support

The Tiffin Education Fund (TEF) is a charitable trust which ensures that voluntary contributions benefit every student in some way. Big reductions in government funding over recent years have made the fund increasingly important in delivering the rounded education that helps make Tiffin an outstanding school.


A better place to learn

The TEF contributes to a wider curriculum, additional learning resources and buildings such as the Learning and Resources Centre. A new Dining Hall and Sixth Form Centre will be the next developments. 


Wider opportunities

It also helps fund a comprehensive wider opportunities programme of clubs, societies and outdoor activities, allowing the boys to develop interests that they could carry forward into their adult lives. 


Contributing to the TEF

It's donations to the TEF that keep these wider opportunities open. The suggested contribution is £520 per year, per child. Many parents contribute more, and others are contributing what they can. It all makes a big difference. There is the option to pay online via ParentPay or otherwise please download the Donations Form which has more information. If you would prefer to speak to a member of staff first please get in touch,