Communications Officer

The person currently doing this job is me, Ed Fawssett. My son is now in the sixth form, and with other volunteer roles, I must hand over during this 2016/7 school year to another parent. 


I've put up this website, which may sound tricky (if you don't have a technical background) but actually isn't. It's on a platform called Jimdo which, essentially, let's you type stuff in boxes without knowing anything about code. 


I also send out the emails from the TPA, writing them myself, or using content supplied by other committee members. I do these through Mailchimp which lets you use pictures, and shows who has opened what. Again, it's pretty easy to use. Sometimes the school supports us by sending emails on our behalf through their system. 


Other bits and pieces include photography for the site, a survey to gauge parents' views about the TPA and the TPA logo which I have redesigned and drawn as a (scaleable) vector file. These are useful, but not indispensable parts of the role. Finally, there's the Facebook page. Ideally, we'd get a group of parents contributing content to this and the website. There's real interest in the extra curricular life of the school - sports matches, tours, musical performances - but any one parent can only attend some of these. 


I have also looked after easyfundraising the online donation scheme that has so far raised over £4000 for the school. This isn't hugely arduous in itself and mostly involves emailing parents to persuade them to sign up. However, it might be better if it was a separate role. 


Communications Officer works well for someone who (like me) doesn't live near the school, because apart from showing up for committee meetings, the work can be done from home. Let me know if you are interested - just click the email button. I will get the email - so that's another small part of the role.