Responsibilities comprise:

1) Attending all meetings, including fundraising sub-committee meetings

2) Assist other Officers in the preparation of Budgets for Events etc 

3) Maintain cash records, collect ticket requests/monies

4) Maintain TPA’s bank accounts, with two Officers as Authorised 


5) Attend Car Boot Sales with float money and be responsible for cash 

collection, tallying, and safe deposit, and for CBS Report Forms to the 

CBS Committee

6) Attend and/or arrange for float money to be available for events and 

functions, and keep records of costs expended

7) Prepare annual statements of account for TPA ready for auditing by an 

auditor who may be (but need not be) a Member or Associate Member 

of the Association

8) With the Chair, be a Trustee of the Association as a registered 

Charity (with personal legal liability), and prepare and submit annual 

returns as required by the Charity Commission

9) Maintenance of TPA’s various organisational memberships (e.g. 


10) Maintenance of best-value insurance covers appropriate to TPA’s