Tiffin 200 Club

The TPA organises a monthly raffle called the 200 Club with the aim to raise additional funds for the school. Each year we could raise up to £3,000 for school projects through the 200+ Club (with £600 a year given away in monthly prizes).


Each parent can buy 1 share (2 numbers) (allocated at random) for only £13 per year and there is a monthly draw for cash prizes. (Max of 5 shares (10 numbers) per member.)

1st prize wins £25

2nd prize wins £15

3rd prize wins £10


If you would like the chance to win one of our cash prizes every month, please complete the joining form. And remember, because all money raised (apart from prizes) goes directly to the school, even if you don’t win, your son will benefit hugely!


We now have 74 members and it would be lovely if we can have 100 by the end of this school year.


For further information please contact Bal Dowrich


Winners for September 2019

1st prize 78 Lowe

2nd prize 339 Shah


3rd prize 70 Andrews


Winners for August 2019

1st prize 148 Bains

2nd prize 35 Nicholls


3rd prize 295 Parkinson


Winners for July 2019

1st prize 147 Amisten

2nd prize 13 Parmar


3rd prize 68 Pursey


Winners for June 2019

1st prize 55 Dovey

2nd prize 60 Smith


3rd prize 122 James



Recent previous winners:



1st prize 208 Hale

2nd prize 16 Niblett


3rd prize 96 Singh



1st prize 101 Pritchard

2nd prize 10 Gessell


3rd prize 323 Sikka



1st prize 130 Gibson

2nd prize 68 Pursey

3rd prize  129 Bennett


Joining the Tiffin 200 Club
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The constitution (terms and conditions)
Tiffin 200 Club Constitution.pdf
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