Job of Chair includes :


1) Taking chair at regular Committee Meetings, agree the agenda and conduct the meeting to try and ensure the agenda is followed, and outcomes are recorded, and the meeting finishes on time so Caretaker can lock up 

2) Liaising subsequently with Secretary to agree Minutes prior to distribution to Committee members

 3) Attending all School functions whenever requested by School staff and speaking at:

  • Year 7 prospectus evening
  • Year 7 Settling In evening
  • Speech Day

 4) Leading debate on strategic initiatives for fundraising, event planning, and agreeing sub-committees’ formation where required

 5) Attending subcommittee meetings regarding finance

 6) Establishing Budgets for Events, and signing cheques with Treasurer or other Officer

 7) Ensuring compliance with Constitution.

 8) For Annual General Meeting – circulating forms for nominations of: 

Officers, Committee members, co-opted helpers

 9) Keeping one (of two) keys to the “TPA Store” 

 10) Ensuring Charity Commission returns are filed and acting as a Trustee 

(with personal liability) for the charity

 11) Assisting Treasurer with annual audit requirements

 12) Liaison with other parental groups (FoTM, Boats, TiPRA) and with CBS Committee