The parent volunteers on the TPA

Tiffin Parents Association is a registered charity. All parents, carers and guardians of boys at Tiffin School are automatically members. The TPA activities are stewarded by an inclusive, informal, gathering of parents:


Officers (Trustees)

Co Chair:                  Sage Parmar

Co Chair:                  Johanna Pursey

Treasurer:                 Cathy Copeland

Secretary:                 Kate Ashley is stepping down and Manjit Chana is to take over.


Other committee members

Trading Post:                          Johanna Pursey

Communications:                    Vacant

200 Club:                                Bal Dowrich

Class Rep Coordinator:          Cassie Duffy

Car Boot Organiser:               Vacant

Bar Manager:                         Sage Parmar and Annanya Dhawan


If you would like to volunteer for any of the vacancies or assist with the bar duties, then please email Sage Parmar.

For information about your class representative(s), or if you want to volunteer to be a class representative, please email Cassie Duffy.